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Host Your Own Wine Tasting Party

Bring home the sophisticated pleasures of the vineyard. This pack can turn the clueless novice into an instant expert! Put together a secret selection of diverse grape varieties, disguise the bottles and invite your friends to join you! Look for colour... swirl for texture... sniff the wine's "nose" for heady aromas... swig and suck to coat your taste-buds... You'll soon be getting gooseberries, new-mown grass, the flavour of Pick-Your-Own fruit, chocolate, smoky bonfires, oaky undertones, maybe even cigar boxes or even kerosene! Disguise your wines and test your guests! Included in this pack: Host's guide with preparation advice Wine guide including detailed grape descriptions and tasting guidance Jazzy sax music CD to set the scene Mystery wine labels to disguise bottles Invitations to send to your guests CD quiz games to play and test You and your friend will enjoy an evening of wine-related trivia and games as you polish off the bottles!


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