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Chloe Wise

Maybe I can dehydrate your naiveté, 2018

Riffing on consumer culture and social media trends, Chloe Wise creates paintings and objects rooted in societal critique and a self-deprecating humor. Wise is best known for her “Bread Bags” series of oil-painted urethane castings of baguettes, bagels, and pancakes embellished with high-fashion designer logos. Playfully highlighting the wealth-based associations of breadwinning and dough and addressing the uselessness of beautiful objects, “Bread Bags” draws parallels between an artist’s “brand” and brand labels, positioning the art object and the it-bag as one and the same. Similarly, her “Literally Me” series explores contemporary selfie obsession, comprising daily photographs of the artist in front of painted self-portraits. Throughout her work, Wise addresses the otherwise taboo and stigmatized through a distinct, self-reflexive lens.