Large sofa

The Socialite Family

Nonna Sofa in Pastel Blue Velvet

Nonna sofa in pastel blue velvet. Modern and regressive at the same time, the Nonna sofa, available in five colors ( pink velvet , mustard yellow , gray , pastel blue and bottle green) ) has everything for him. An ideal and unusual format, on which one can stay at two. Fringed, chic and original details, which complete the setting in an entrance, an office or a bedroom. A faculty to adapt to small and large spaces. The idea is to play with its empire style, which comes to create a plush setting enhanced by the modernity of its Italian velvet. We love to see the Nonna sofa in front of a wall of colors to give it all its brilliance and to make sure that it dresses the room all by itself associated with our round cushions Bomboloni and dolci.


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