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At Semaine, every week we devote ourselves to introducing you to a new "Tastemaker". An icon, creative type, pioneer, trailblazer — whatever nomenclature one chooses to use. Each is at the top of their game and all are, let's be honest, homo sapiens. That is, up until now. This week, meet our four-legged (canine) friend, Freddie. He’s got a few things he’d like to get off of his chest...

"Don’t get me wrong— I’m definitely at the top of my game...I’m just not exactly human. I think like a human. I dress better than most humans, but I am not… human. I'm Freddie, a 23-year-old (that’s 2-years-old in human years) miniature dachshund. The philistines amongst us might label my kind as “sausage dogs”, or - even worse - “weiner dogs”, but to be honest, none of those labels frustrate me more than when I’m called a “good boy”.

Firstly, “good” isn’t a sufficient adjective. I don’t eat four meals a day of pure salmon for “good”, I do it because when I eat my salmon, my coat becomes glossier than all of the other basic studs and bitches at the dog park. In fact, my pescatarian diet alone is merit enough for a meatier adjective.

Secondly, “boy”. Now I know the conversation around what is or isn’t emasculating is problematic in today’s cultural climate, but to be perfectly honest, I do find the term “boy” a tad belittling. You may be able to scoop me up with one of your human hands, but be warned. This pooch is no longer a puppy. I am the leader of the pack—the first to every trend and I certainly receive a higher than average amount of butt sniffs on my daily walks.

To be fair, I cannot claim that all of the attention comes solely from me. I have to admit that the clothing my human knits for me do catch the eye… He’s gotten rather good at it. So good, in fact, that he’s started kitting out my “gang” of "friends" from the park in similar gear to mine. Of course, this is hugely embarrassing. There’s never a moment that I’m not dressed exactly the same as any of my canine pals, however, it does help me quantify my good looks, as none of them pull it off quite as I do- except Suki. She’ll give me the silent treatment again if I don’t publicly commend her good looks.

Suki thinks I have a bad attitude and that the way I act is just a defence mechanism because I don’t know how to process my feelings properly - nothing annoys her more than when I taunt her friends for not being allowed off the lead. She’s also pressuring me to try out a vegan diet. I’m thinking of leaving her for a Weimaraner… Though Suki and I would make great puppies…

Anyway, thanks for dropping by my Semaine. I know you’ll love it because quite honestly, I really brought my “A game” to that photoshoot. If you’re up for joining my gang, just let me know and we can sort you out with some stellar knitwear. I’m always looking for new friend- I mean - members."

By Freddie for Semaine. Photography by Chloe Sheppard.



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Get the Look

Get the Look

Knit the Look

"When I roll up to the park, it's all about the look. From the leash to the treats, my human likes to think he keeps my style cutting-edge - which he does, but I'm the one who wears it. So really any glory should come to me. You can knit and shop my entire look with the selection below. Chic and crafty, what a combination."

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Park Pup Essentials

"The good thing about being a dog is that your human packs everything for you. Mine always packs the things I love the most and you can find them below. My must-have list is always includes a premium "Dogs & Horses" lead, some knitting needles my most favourite treat."


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London Unleashed

"From lazy afternoons lolling around with my human to perfecting my downward facing dog, London is a dog's paradise and these are the few spots (besides the one on my sofa) that I will allow my face to be seen in."

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Barking Good Books

"Just like the bone buried in my back garden, rediscovering old favourites and digging into brand-new tales is one of my favourite ways to pass the time. Mark Haddon's 'Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' is my go-to detective story — even if the dog dies first... Very traumatic. Take a look at my bookshelf for more pawerful reads."





"I've nothing more to say about this section than the fact that I don't like this interviewer very much. I can't tell why they didn't like me."

When did you first get into knitwear?

My human started knitting in 2008. It was a terrible time for me, actually. Obviously, I have very little control over what I can wear, so for a while, there was a lot of uneven arms and failed Fair Isle patterns.

Do you have a favourite style?

Doggy, of course!

Freddie! I mean “style of knitwear”.

Haha, I know, I’m just messing. My choice fully depends on the season but I do love my blue hoodie.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Not leaving the house all day because then I don’t have to see the “gang”.

I.e. so you don’t have to see Suki?!

When I say “gang”, I don’t include Suki. Suki and I are in our own gang.

Hmmm. Anyway, more Proust questions I feel… What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

Crikey… not a clue. Famine? Maybe war?? They’re definitely up there, along with when you find something tasty in the street and your human rips it out of your mouth before you’ve really had a chance to enjoy it.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Gosh... That’s a tricky one too - what? Why are you looking at me like that?

You can’t think of one thing you’d like to change about yourself?

Well, I wish my human would stop calling me a “good boy”. Does that count?

Freddie, honestly - you just need to grow up.

I - what? Where are you going?

Unfortunately, the rest of the interview was cut short here. Freddie and the Semaine journalist have yet to reconcile their differences.


Film Picks

Film Picks

Canine Cinéma

"Whether it's rough and tumble action scenes or heartrending emotional close-ups, it's no surprise man's best friend takes centre stage. Confession: I've written to Beethoven probably three times, and not one bark in my direction... I definitely look better in knitwear, though."

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Woof woof,

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