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Suffering from a particularly treacherous hangover? Top model Edie Campbell and artist Christabel MacGreevy, aka best friends and the creative duo behind label Itchy Scratchy Patchy, advise a winning toolkit of coffee, gummy sweets, and Chanel sunglasses to treat the after-effects of too much fun and heavy drinking. In this week’s Semaine short—in a setup not too far from reality—the camera goes behind the scenes as the duo enlist Bob "The Bellboy" to venture to Chanel's Burlington Arcade boutique to appease a series of curative requests after a particularly raucous night of partying at a hotel in London.

Here’s the backstory: Campbell and MacGreevy met as four-year-olds, and after some initial misgivings (MacGreevy says their first thoughts on each other were “not impressed”), the pair came to share a close friendship. Today, they share a business too. In 2015 they founded Itchy Scratchy Patchy that began as a line of iron-on patches but has since evolved into a fully-fledged array of hoodies, hats, socks, and tees. “It’s a miracle that we’re as compatible in business and friendship as we are,” says Campbell. “This was all unintentional.”

Jostling for space in the calendar alongside the duo’s joint-venture is each woman’s own wildly successful career. Edie is one of Britain’s most sought-after models, appearing in campaigns and on the runway at too many fashion shows to name. She’s also an accomplished equestrian. It’s an interest that she’s pursued with great vigor—just like everything else she puts her mind to—since around the same time she first met Christabel, post-nursery. In 2017, Campbell made headlines for blowing the whistle on unethical conduct in the fashion industry. In an open letter for WWD, she revealed disturbing details about the systemic culture of abuse and ritual humiliation all-too-many models are subject to.

Not to be outshone, Christabel’s resume is similarly illustrious. The artist got her professional start as an illustrator for magazines like Love, after graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Central St. Martins. Her first solo show debuted at Golborne Gallery earlier this year. After the loss of her grandmother, the painter Anthea Craigmyle, she channelled her grief into a commemorative series of colourful drawings. The exhibit was well-received, but for the followup Christabel remixed her approach, presenting nine artworks and a number of phallic-like, papier-mâché sculptures, collectively entitled Fertility Field. In the months since, she’s continued to explore themes around gender-fluidity, female nature, and sexual freedom through her work.

Here, we challenged the accomplished duo to a round of quick-fire questions, before getting the lowdown on everything from their essential party playlist to the items you’ll find stowed away in their survival kits. Read on for the full feature.

Semaine: How would you describe each other?

Christabel: Edie is sharp, quick, witty, and energetic.

Edie: This is really hard. I’ll go with thoughtful, quick-witted, generous-spirited, engaged and ambitious.

Semaine: When did you realize that you could be business partners?

Christabel: Accidentally, after just starting a small patch project. How things have spiralled!

Edie: I don’t think we ever really had a plan. We still only have half-a-plan. It’s just one of the many things we both do. It’s a project that has grown and held our attention the longest.

Semaine: What is your creative process?

Christabel: Together, when we create, it is long long back and forth with conversations, research, and art-working. When I am making art alone making, it’s just little old me having a conversation with myself.

Edie: Together is a long process, but we try to be as polite to each other as possible and keep things civilised. As a model, though, creativity is all about trying to interpret, absorb, and communicate someone else’s ideas.

Semaine: How do you maintain balance while juggling so many things?

Christabel: It’s a constant scheduling struggle!

Edie: It’s an absolute nightmare, but we have lots of FaceTime meetings.

Semaine: What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve ever done on a night out?

Christabel: Edie once ripped her dress into bits until she was left in just a pair of knickers.

Edie: Christabel once did something very scandalous at a festival.

Semaine: Your wardrobe is on fire. What item do you save?

Christabel: My Itchy Scratchy Patchy X Levi’s leather jacket, covered in embroidered drawings.

Edie: Yes, me too.

Semaine: Where do you see your friendship 10 years? 
 Christabel: More wrinkles, more lols. We are set to become two opinionated old bags.

Edie: We’ll be two grumpy old cows dissecting everyone else, tearing the world apart—and applying extremely simplistic psychoanalysis to it.

By Elsa de Berker for Semaine.

Photography by Benedikt Frank


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All of the greatest nights out start with your best friend and a side of Chanel. We're not sure we'll ever look as good as Edie and Christabel do after a night out if this get the look section is anything to go by but at least your outfit can look great if you follow their lead... Bonus points if you already own matching pjs.

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