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All Together Now; this week Semaine and Stella McCartney are taking you on an exploratory journey to a parallel universe where you can reminisce on music history, whilst simultaneously discovering the sounds of the future. And don’t worry, you’ll look decidedly chic in the process... It’s time to climb aboard the Yellow Submarine.

If you’ve not seen the 1968 film classic directed by George Dunning, Yellow Submarine must go straight to the top of your watch list. Heinz Edelmann’s colourful illustrations depict the music-loving inhabitants of Pepperland under siege by a nasty group of music-hating creatures called the Blue Meanies. To save the day, The Lord Mayor of Pepperland dispatches trusty Old Fred to Liverpool to find The Beatles and recruit John, Paul, George and Ringo to ride in the Yellow Submarine with him back to Pepperland so they can drive out the Blue Meanies with their catchy sonic tones.

Stitched together by iconic lyrics like “All you need is love”, it’s no wonder Paul McCartney’s sewing-machine-savvy daughter, Stella was re-inspired by her father’s animated adventures when she revisited them for the film’s 50th anniversary last year. Upon re-discovering the film she admits, “It affected me in a way I just wasn’t expecting. Especially this idea of connecting people and bringing people together—politically this message has never been more relevant. So, I came out and I was like ‘I have to do something.’”

As an ecological trailblazer, Stella McCartney has been committed to practicing sustainable methods of creation and distribution in the fashion industry, long before it was a hot topic on the lips of any luxury fashion houses as it is today. Cemented in her family’s long-standing anthropic values it’s interesting that this is the first time we have seen her mix her musical heritage with her sartorial empire, in the form of a capsule collection. The garments really do speak for themselves, while also speaking a thousand words, as they campaign for oneness in a multicoloured furore - their message is as loud as the music they are inspired by.

For this reason, it’s no wonder Stella has chosen four of London’s most exciting musical talents to don the collection and see it through from the 60’s into 2019. Today, Pepperland has four new musicians on side to fight away the Blue Meanies, but let us introduce you to them; they are, as we launch the new collection on, our new tastemakers after all.

First, meet KEYAH/BLU. She’s a rapper-slash-singer from SE London, who speaks poetry to beats that you can’t help but move to. Through her tactful wordplay, she explores what it is to be a woman today. As she sways to the beats she’s created you can tell she oozes style. Since releasing her first single “Sweet” in 2018, excitement has been stirring by fans, and the media alike, at the promise of new music in 2019. She’s definitely one to watch as she carves her own path into widespread acclaim.

Next up is Oscar Jerome. With live performance accreditations that far exceed his years, his experience has crafted a sound that blends countless musical influences to create pieces that to the uninitiated sound like jazz. His lyrical maturity reminds the world of its egocentricity and, in a similar way to that of the McCartney mandate, that encourages us to be free. Currently touring under his own name with his band, as well as with Kokoroko, a London based, afrobeat 7-Piece; Oscar is a part of a core group of musicians who are reconceptualising jazz music as we have known it.

Also reimagining the genre is Femi Koleoso; the drummer and bandleader of Ezra Collective who also finds the time to keep the beat for Jorja Smith, as she tours the world. As a key player in redefining the essence of contemporary jazz, Femi’s musical collaborations read like a who’s who of the London music scene. It’s almost inevitable that we will all be dancing to the beat of Femi’s drum in the near future.

Last but not least, meet Joy Crookes and revel in her husky, soulful tones that champion self-love and worth, whilst negotiating the prevalence of both desire and desperation in our often-isolating world. Headstrong and self-assured, Joy has been creating music since the age of twelve, choosing music as a method to document her life over a diary. It is perhaps for this reason why her lyrics are so powerful.

And there you have it, our line up of musical mavericks who are taking you on an adventure back to Pepperland this week. Goodbye Blue Meanies, they don’t stand a chance now as music is literally woven into the fabric of this capsule collection, so suit up and saddle up, a whole new world awaits.


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