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Before the average person has had the chance to hit 'snooze' on their alarm clock, Nicole Winhoffer has completed an elaborate series of stretches, recited mantras, written down her dreams, mindfully sipped on a black coffee, visualized what she wants to achieve within the next five years, and consulted her detailed plan of how she's going to do it. Impressive? Yes. Surprising? Not so much. After all, Winhoffer is building an empire, and to do that requires imagination and a certain amount of genius, not to mention a lot of organization and a boundless supply of energy.

Already the proud owner of her namesake dance studio, the personal trainer to countless stars, and the Global Ambassador of Women’s Training for Adidas by Stella McCartney, Winhoffer's story is one that centers around a love of dance and an affinity for hard work. "I spent my childhood doing Jane Fonda videos in New Jersey and then when I was eight, I went to a dance class and instantly fell in love with it," Winhoffer tells us animatedly over an iced coffee and madeleines at a café around the corner from her New York studio. "By the time I was 16 I was on Broadway, and then I left high school a year early to tour with the musical, 42nd Street." A grueling stint on Wicked! followed, after which she decided to quit dancing. "When you do a show, it's eight days a week and you're doing the same choreography everyday. I lost the brain energy connection to my muscles and my emotions were stagnated and causing me pain. I gained a lot of weight and got injured and it just seemed like the universe was telling me it was time to leave."

Feeling lost, Nicole began to question the dance world’s status quo and looked to eastern philosophy, the Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method for alternative theories of movement. Whilst spending her time researching, she received a life-changing phone call from Madonna's camp asking her to audition for the role of personal trainer to the Queen of Pop. Needless to say, she got the job, but the task of keeping the Queen satisfied was no easy one. "She's a dancer, so we spoke the same language, but I knew I had to dream up something bigger and better for her," explains Nicole. Bringing together the findings from her studies with her rich knowledge of dance, she was able to do exactly that.

Six years of training Madonna allowed Nicole to further refine and solidify her approach, which is now known as the Nicole Winhoffer Method. The sessions she teaches are blood-pumping, ever-changing, and set to loud music, but their core uniqueness lies in Nicole’s equation that thought plus physicality equals results. Each movement she teaches accesses different acupuncture meridians and simultaneously stimulates the mind and the body. "People don't realize that you can't solve problems with the mind alone. You need to move and let energy into your soul and spirit," says Nicole. Put literally: Get into the groove, dance your heart out, and all will be well.

With so much achieved in such a short period—Nicole is only 30—it wouldn't be entirely amiss to assume that she hasn't the time for a life outside of her work, but that assumption would be wrong. Due to her precision planning, this one-woman powerhouse attends a seemingly endless amount of events and practices more than the usual set of hobbies. "I do one cultural activity every week and I like to hangout with my friends and go to the club. I also love drawing, sketching, writing poetry, singing, and traveling" lists Nicole, "I'm obsessed with Rio."

As much as her Adidas collection is perfect for work hours, her travel and downtime, she hastens to add, is not spent in workout gear. "Of course I love to wear Stella McCartney and my Stan Smiths everyday," she says, "but I also love Acne, Alexander Wang, and Christopher Kane." Bag necessities include essential oils and water. If she ever had a couture gown, Riccardo Tisci would design it. "I'm a completely normal person," Winhoffer says just before she dashes off to teach her fourth high-energy session of the day. With awe and respect, Nicole, we completely disagree.




Nicole's Perfect Green Juice


  • Celery
  • Apple
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Romaine
  • Ginger



Add all ingredients to juicer and juice.



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"I want to make people happy and realize their power, that they can do anything they put their mind to."

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24 Hours with Nicole Winhoffer


"I usually wake up at 6am because I have a set routine in the morning. I need to make sure I get these things done for myself... give to yourself first, and then you can give to others at your best! The first thing I do is say my 3 mantras to myself and thank the universe for all my blessings. I am lucky!"


"I drink 10 sips of cold water (to make sure I'm hydrated after sleeping) and I wash my face and brush my teeth. I am a soap and water girl, and use Neutrogena or Oil of Olay for my face cream. I am obsessed with perfume! and usually spray on the scent I am feeling. I love to smell yummy! I make coffee with my Keurig K-cups while listening to my subconscious meditation or an audio book like the Power of Now. I am a deep sleeper, and my dreams are usually where I get my ideas for my projects and new moves in my workouts. I take my coffee either black or with a splash of organic half and half (I don't have dairy often). Then I sit down to my computer."


"I answer the most important emails, download new music, and write down my goals for the day. It takes me about 10 minutes to pick out my favorite workout outfit. I always dress depending on how I feel. I am the type of girl that will put on an outfit, all in hues of one color--lets say reds--and then I'll look in the mirror and am like 'damn, I am feeling blue.' I usually change 1-3 times...haha."


"I am out the door. I love to walk in NYC with my music. I walk over to my morning clients listening to my favorite jam."


"I am working with my favorite clients, training with them, dancing, and working hard. If it's not a private, I am teaching my sold out group classes. It's so much fun. We workout in the dark in a room with amazing energy and music. It's like a physical therapy session for all of us. By the end, we are glowing, skinnier (lol), and happy. I want to make people happy and realize their power, that they can do anything they put their mind to. When I help others realize their power, it makes me realize that I am living my purpose on earth."


"I stop in at Colombe on Lafayette and east 4th, sometimes for a meeting with my clients or on my own. I know everyone's name and they know mine. I love the energy there. They are so chill and so sweet to me, I feel at home. I usually order an iced coffee and sit on the bench outside to think and people watch. It's my time to ease into my center...with caffeine! lol."


"Depending on how I feel, I might go to Equinox to practice, stretch, do some new choreography, or go into the steam room. I'll either eat lunch before or after."


"I will train more clients, take phone calls - I am usually on calls with Germany as my sports marketing manager from Adidas is there and he is 6 hours ahead. I like taking meetings after I have worked out because I feel more centered and focused. I have a client down in Tribeca and we usually do intense dance choreography together. Her name is Lynn Bann and she is the best! She has this really beautiful jewelry line and I adore her."


"I like to take dance classes. As a teacher, I must always be a student as well. I need to continually learn in order to teach effectively. I'll take a dance class at Broadway Dance Center, Peridance, or Steps on Broadway. I need to stay on my dance game!"


"I shower, use my favorite body oil or coconut oil and refresh my skin. It's important for me to feel like a WOMAN. I am so physical during all hours of the day, I always make sure to bring my energy down to balance and rejuvenate. I also love to eat out, so 2-3 times a week I am exploring NYC. We have such good food here!"


"If I am feeling up for it I go dancing, maybe 1-2 times per month... lol. I get up so early, but need to feel that BEAT. I am friends with so many dancers in NYC and we will go out to a place that plays good music and hit the dance floor. I'm usually in my Adidas Stan Smith's so I can properly get a grip on the floor. If I go out in my heels, I usually pack my Smith's. It's important to be comfortable, right?

I'm in bed usually by midnight. I get my best ideas at night. I keep a notebook and I jot all my ideas in them. I also meditate before I go to bed. I really listen to myself: What I am feeling what I am thinking... it's important for women to listen to themselves. Figure out what's working, what isn't, and then fix it. It's simple if we can listen!"

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